Indian Society of Arachnology, Amravati, India (ISA)


Objectives of the organization:

Survey: To collect, preserve & exhibit the inventory of the arachnid fauna of India for scientific identification, documentation, exchanges of specimen for research & revisions in the taxonomy.

Database: To organize this information in a database and to make the data available to science and society.

Education: To foster participation of research groups & graduate students in research based training programmes & camps concerning arachnology. Imparting skills involving scientific collection, documentation, identification, scientific writing & presentation, designing of experiments, and computational applications. To organize exhibitions, lectures and film screenings pertaining to arachnology to attract & create awareness amongst students of all levels from school to university from India & abroad.

Research: To impart training through research in arachnology in a wide range of the appropriate scientific methods and techniques. More emphasis will be put on theory and philosophy of phylogenetic reconstruction. A more holistic approach involving morphological character analysis using microscopic image analysis, standard statistical approaches to biodiversity, GIS & GPS based applications, phylogenetic computing, genomics, bioinformatics, and population and conservation genetics.

Awareness: To set up a dedicated “Museum of Arachnology” at Amravati for professionals & amateurs. The faunal diversity of the region will be exhibited with detailed information about specimens’ habitat & conservation issues. To organize field survey and workshops to aware the common people about the key role-played by spiders.

Facilities: To develop minimum necessary facility for the study & research of the arachnological specimens from around the world & India.

Collaborations: To host and organize international conferences and symposia within the framework of research programs. To forge collaborative efforts with agencies and organizations like Museums, Universities and research institutes in India & abroad. To generate funds for research through various funding agencies.

Publications: To develop products that meet the need of the community: handbooks, CD-ROMs, checklists, atlases, catalogues, taxonomic publications and identification manuals. To formulate and prepare reports, publications, newsletters on the findings of the organization at local, national & international level.

IPM: To popularize arachnids for Integrated Pest Management.